Dominic Natoli has been involved in two productions of Faust to date. Firstly with the Danish National Opera in 2008, then with the Finnish National Opera in 2010.

Here is a selection of highlights from the reviews:


Jakob Holm for the Kristeligt Dagblad 5/2/08

“..we are witness to a dramatic and intense Faust. DN offers a Faust that is in many ways a man of our times: a good guy, who doesn’t quite fulfil his ambitions, and so in desperation, makes some choices that he doesn’t fully understand. ... this is a classic story of a middle-aged man who goes after a younger woman in frustration over the pressures of aging - and because his life hasn’t been entirely as expected. Natoli fills out the role splendidly, both well sung and with finely balanced acting.”

Folketidende: K.E. Watz

“The tenor D.N. had  the main role of Faust firmly within his grasp. The precision was outstanding in the last act in the interaction with soprano L.V....”

Gregers Dirckink-Holmfeld

“D.N. - Italian with a sonorous beautiful tenor”


“glimmering, enchanting evening.”

Aarhus Stiftstidende:

“Tenor D.N, nowadays famour in Aarhus, makes his role-debut as Faust” “D.N. is, as we’ve learned from earlier productions, an astonishingly secure singer.”

“...for an example, the two tenors in the title role: D.N. has the biggest and most Italianate tenor, yet he found a good path into the French style...”

Opera (Swedish):

“D.N. sang with a pleasant lyric timbre.”

Viborgs stifts folkeblad:

“D.N. a glimmering lyric tenor..”