The Reviews:


“ King Gustavo, very royal and entrusted to D. N - a very Verdian tenor, with an agile and generous voice, as comfortable in the lower register as in the upper. He sings marvellously in Act 1 his bravura aria of the lovesick fisherman, and the final Act evocation to Amelia is embued with profound emotion. He is sublime when mortally wounded he explains the purity of his sentiments, the innocence of Amelia and his noble pardon of his enemies.

The public delivered a delirious ovation”

Suzanne Pierron, Les affiches - Moniteur - Musique 24/10/2003


“This is a Gustavo who is decidedly very humane, and very popular, his lyricism is a great joy to hear from a tenor in peak condition. The casting benefits from strong personalities: D.N. is very secure in his top notes which he launches fearlessly!”

Paul Leboeuf L’Est Republicain 10/10/03


“ Australian tenor D. N. coped admirably and elegantly with Gustavo...”

Phill Ward Opera Now March/April 2004


“The King here sung by D.N. demonstrates interesting qualities, the voice is solid and healthy, the timbre is seductive and the artist has great presence...”

Vincent Deloge


“We must praise the cast for their generous projection of their crucial characters: D.N. a sensitive and valiant tenor.”

Georges Masson, Le Republicain Lorrain 14/10/2003