Dominic Natoli sang Love Songs

Beautiful Tenor Voice Enchants


Dominic Natoli promised: As an encore he sang, with the shining Belcanto shimmer of his beautiful tenor, the world famous “O sole mio” and in the Theatre the sun came out.


The singer who is celebrated with standing ovations as Alvaro in La forza del destino  gave a recital on Sunday evening on the theme of LOVE in a program of Italian love songs. For the programme he selected exclusively Italian Lovesongs. And the “Australian born Italian heritage” singer sang these songs in the original language.


Songs by Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti, Gioacchino Rossini, rang through the first half. Songs by Francesco Paolo Tosti in the second half. Natoli narrated the evening providing précis’ of the songs as he spoke in a relaxed and amusing manner about the composers, about himself with anecdotes drawn from his own performance experiences.


Some of the songs were premiere performances for Germany, namely Donizetti’s Lament for the death of Bellini and Tosti’s Malinconia.


The overwhelming melancholic songs told of desire, unrequited love, abandonment. Natoli conveyed the emotions of these songs through his voice which is guided by an old school Italian vocal technique. His voluminous tenor has a glorious middle which moves into effortless shining top notes where he leads forte passages seamlessly into “subito piano”.


It was a delight to allow oneself to be enchanted by singing of the highest level. Natoli found in solo repetiteur Andres Reukauf an excellent, very sensitive accompanist. The audience was totally enthusiastic.



“Dominic Natoli presented a well conceived and thought through program of broad appeal featuring songs from bel canto, melting Tosti melodies, and Neapolitan hits, narrated with charm and assisted by back projected images depicting atmospheric scenes in keeping with the sentiments of the songs, all of which created an intimate and cosy setting. His impressive and beautiful operatic tenor voice sustained the whole program including three encores, on top of this he has great enthusiasm for these songs which comes across in the way he sings them. His authentic sounding and pure tenor voice is easily large enough to fill a venue many times larger and such an entertaining and “public-friendly” program should fill any hall.”

John Christiansen 10/3/2008 Jyllands-Posten