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Turiddu - Dominic NATOLI /Santuzza - Annette BOD

Mamma Lucia - Henriette ELIMAR /Alfio - Jesper BUHL

Photos: Anders Bach

Den Jyske Opera Production 2006

“At  the top end of the spectrum is D.N’s peasant Turiddu, who abandons Santuzza for the coquettish married woman. D.N. with his Mediterranean tenor can sing Turiddu ….  successfully creating the atmosphere of a Sicilian Knife-drama played out between Church and Tavern.”

Politiken, 28.1.2006 Aarhus, Denmark, Thomas Michelsen


“we know D. N. as the natural, shining Puccini tenor and that is how we hear him again here,  … he was vocally very strong”

Aarhus Stiftstidende, 28.1.2006, Denmark, Ole Straarup:


“D.N. has a very elegant, ringing, authentic Italian tenor as Turiddu”

Morgenavisen, Jyllands Posten, Aarhus, Denmark, 28.1.2006, John Christiansen:

“…the evening’s great, most pleasing discovery was Dominic Natoli as Turiddu. He radiates as Lola’s lover with sparkling fire and portrays a convincing characterization. His refined tenor voice  rings with exceptional beauty and agility.”

Nordjyske Stiftstedende, Aalborg, Denmark; 3.2.2006, Jens Henneberg.

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