Dominic Natoli

Internationally acclaimed operatic tenor Dominic Natoli has been singing professionally since 1982, and teaching since 1994. He has his private studio in London and also teaches at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Drama, and City Lit Opera Class. He has conducted masterclasses in Australia and Denmark, and has adjudicated numerous singing competitions. He holds a Diploma of Opera (Honours) from the Vienna Conservatorium of Music, as well as bachelor degrees in Law and Economics from Monash University.
"My primary objective when teaching voice is to begin with breath management and control supporting the alignment of the vocal registers into an homogenous, well-focussed tone which is even throughout the range; where all the harmonics are resonating freely so as to enable production of well formed vowels and appropriately articulated consonants. I treat each student as an individual hence I do not have a "one size fits all" method other than the application of my extensive years of experience as a singer, and research as a teacher, to bring a bespoke combination of the broad spectrum of various “methods” which facilitate all things best described as Bel Canto. This includes close attention to accurate interpretation of style of various genres and meticulous commitment to language and communication of emotional context. Bel Canto is only really achieved when beautiful singing is an inherent part of bringing vocal music to life in performance in the fullest meaning of that word. To borrow a baking analogy, I want a singer to deliver a delicious cake not simply read out the ingredients and the recipe!"

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