"I have had the privilege to know and make music with Dominic Natoli for over 10 years from 2002 as I have conducted productions of several Italian masterpieces with Dominic as lead tenor at the Danish National Opera and the Royal Danish Opera, and I have had the pleasure to work with him several times in the concert hall as well. Dominic is an extremely gifted vocalist with a beautiful voice and the clearest diction. His understanding of the text and the subtexts is impeccable and his sense for phrasing and shaping colours is extremely inspiring. As a conductor it is ideal to work with him as he has not only a natural beautiful timbre and voice ideal for roles such as Manrico, Pinkerton, Des Grieux etc, but he also has a deep understanding of the theory and context he operates in. It is very clear that he studies the music in depth and knows not only how to cope with his own role but with the ensemble. Working together over the years with big, challenging roles gives a full picture of a singer and musician. Whenever Dominic has been challenged by particular requests in the part or by me, he has always found an ideal and natural technical solution to resolve whatever problem he has analyzed, always with the most natural taste and grace. This has over the years led him to be an inspiring colleague for our various casts and I know that many of our singers, younger or more experienced, have been helped by Natoli and he has given lessons and great help. Dominic has also been very inspiring for the students from our Academy in Aarhus that have attended some of our work. Personally I haven’t experienced him as a teacher, but I am convinced his knowledge, experience and interest makes him more then suitable for the job as described. And I have seen and heard the good results by his teaching and advice for our casts. The musical and vocal level of our company has improved much over the last decade and one of the main reasons is the regular visits by Dominic Natoli." Giordano Bellincampi (Conductor, Former Artistic Director of Danish National Opera)

"Dominic’s teaching has been an excellent and valuable asset to the development and improvement of my voice. As a student of his for the past two years, I have had the absolute pleasure of learning from Dominic who is not only an extremely knowledgeable teacher, having mastered the pedagogies of vocal technique, musicality, languages, art of performance and more, but also an inspirational, kind, and supportive tutor who has dedicated more than just his musical knowledge and passion for teaching to me. Under his instruction, I have made enormous strides both vocally (having worked on relaxing throat and bodily tensions to rely on the breath to support my singing and control dynamics) and also as an individual; Dominic has offered an immense commitment to my personal growth in the areas of Jewish-liturgical vocal music, as he helped me prepare to begin my cantorial studies after graduating from Trinity Laban." Alexander Baker (Tenor - M.Mus graduate from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance)

"Dominic is a passionate, engaging and inspiring teacher who masterfully wields a detailed knowledge of multiple languages, deep understanding of so many of the great operatic characters (having played so many himself) and stunning command of the voice as an instrument. He's the perfect next step for those looking to become true professionals in their craft and has left me a far healthier, polished and confident singer over my time with him." Stephen Brown (Tenor - M.Mus graduate from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance)

"I started taking singing lessons with Dominic almost 5 years ago now. I came to him feeling battered and bruised having been told by another teacher, quite brutally, that I was nowhere near ready for conservatoire undergraduate auditions. I had developed some terrible habits with the teacher that I had been studying with previously. From our first lesson Dominic treated me with kindness and helped me rebuild my confidence. In my experience, a core part of Dominic’s teaching is simplifying the idea of what singing is. By focusing on building a relationship with the physical sensation of the fundamentals of singing, I now feel like I know what good singing should feel like and how I can produce a consistent and healthy sound. I highly recommend Dominic, he has helped me change my relationship with my voice and helped me navigate conservatoire life with more care than I could have ever expected. " Sholto Biscoe-Taylor (Tenor - B.Mus student at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance).

" Thanks to the broad knowledge he has, spanning from vocal technique to language use and interpretation craft, united with the unique committment he puts in for each of his students, Dominic is much more than a singing teacher. To study with him means to research and mould your own performer identity. During the years I have been studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, he has organized for me and other colleagues, mock auditions and recitals, he has given us the possibility to create events from scratch where we had to face the organizational sides as much as the performance ones. His innate instinct allows him to tailor the best repertoire possible for his students, regardless of what level of preparation they are at. His passion for acting and his attention to detail will give you something to work/reflect on, for each sentence of an aria or song you are preparing. He creates his tools, such as vocal exercise books and grammar/pronunciation booklets, to make sure you always have the support you need during your development." Giuseppe Pellingra (Bass-Baritone MMus with Distinction Graduate from Trinity Labanm Conservatoire of Music and Dance 2022)

"I have attended all Dominic Natoli’s Italian classes since the beginning of my masters and I just wanted to say that I thought that both live and online classes were delivered brilliantly. Dominic always made them very interesting and instructive. In fact, even being Italian I feel that I really gained a lot out of them!" Chiara Braggion (Soprano - M.Mus Distinction graduate Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 2021).

"Dominic is an excellent singing teacher and I would highly recommend him to others who wish to improve their vocal technique and sung Italian. Whilst working together during my studies at Trinity Laban for two years, I was still a sufferer of a breathy sound, tongue tension, shoulder tension and poor diaphragmatic breathing. I also had a bad habit of pushing top notes. We did a lot of work on these aspects and I continued to work on them during my practice sessions, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Vocal Workout, (Dominic’s book of vocal exercises) was a source I used regularly whilst warming up and it helped me to develop my vocal strength and quickly improve on my vocal weaknesses. I used the siren exercises a lot to eliminate internal warning bells when I approach my higher register. Over time, there have been noticeable improvements in my vocal technique. My tone was a lot more focused, I got into the habit of breathing deeply and my top notes were a lot less forced. I was still able to project and sing at louder dynamics without pushing and overblowing the voice. Dominic’s teaching has helped me develop as a classical singer and he has been wonderful to work with. " Garreth Romain - (Counter-tenor PGAD - Postgraduate Advanced Diploma graduate - from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 2021).

"I am a freelance tenor who sings in the chorus at Opera Holland Park and with the Philharmonia Chorus as well as giving solo recitals of songs and arias at venues such as Lauderdale House, St John’s Smith Square and on P and O cruises. For the last 2 years I have been taking lessons on a regular basis with Dominic Natoli both at his London studio and since Covid outbreak online virtually. In that time I feel that my voice has improved significantly and I have been able to attempt repertoire that was previously beyond the reach of my technique despite having had lessons for many years from a number of teachers, including Howard Milner and Jeffrey Talbot. As a mature singer who is performing regularly, there have been many areas I have struggled with as an operatic tenor. I feel much more confident now with my technique which is wonderful. Although I have learned many important lessons from my other teachers, during my time studying with Dominic, I have acquired the ability to tackle taxing repertoire with hugely increased stamina. The biggest lessons I have learned from Dominic have been about mouth shape for Italian vowels and how to avoid pressure on high notes by balancing the voice over the whole range. His innovative approach to negotiating vocal register transition has opened lots of doors in my technique and increased my comfortable vocal range. This has allowed me to tackle Verdi arias, Italian songs as well as work in other languages and I have used the repertoire to consolidate these new ideas. Dominic’s book of exercises, The Vocal Workout, has been particularly helpful for practising these techniques. The book has allowed me to understand his approach to technique that he has refined over his long performing career. I have learned much from Dominic’s knowledge of the Italian language and the musical repertoire, with his Italian roots and feeling for the culture. For me, Dominic has been the ideal teacher at my stage in my career. His teaching methods are always encouraging at the same time as being challenging. He is a great communicator and motivator as well as showing me how to tackle opera and songs with the technique I have acquired from him over the last two years, for which I am very grateful. " Anthony Yates (Tenor - Royal Philharmonic Choir member, Opera Holland Park chorister 2022).

"After five years of working with nearly 10 different teachers, I felt I was not really improving and none of them were able to help me fix my technical problems or give clear answers to a lot of my questions. In September 2020 I had the good fortune to commence studying with Dominic Natoli. When I began working with Dominic, my high notes were very hard to get and I could not sing some vowels such as [i], [u], [y] with any ease. I also had a lot of tensions (tongue, jaw, and neck…). Although we have only been working together for just on 6 months, Dominic has already given me many insights into how to solve these technical issues and I am improving very quickly thanks to him and his comprehensive book of exercises, The Vocal Workout, which we use in our lessons to work on different technical aspects. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I haven’t been able to take many live lessons with Dominic. However, Dominic is very at ease with remote lessons. Even if, initially it was hard for me to adapt to online lessons, I feel now that there is not a huge difference between live and online lessons with him. I am very confident that Dominic will be able to help me achieve my full potential and give me the right technical guidance to enable me to have a successful singing career. I would strongly recommend Dominic to anyone who wants to work in depth on their technique and interpretation. He is an excellent teacher who brings to his teaching many insights from his long career covering different genres and languages to provide teaching of style, language pronunciation and technique in combination. " Loïc Péluchon (Tenor - Postgraduate Professional Development student at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance)

"I was first curious about learning with Dominic because I noticed his own singing had the rare combination of a big, warm Italianate sound combined with beautiful phrasing and a refined and elegant technique, and I hoped I could acquire some of this! I am very pleased with the progress I have made with Dominic. My "i" vowel is becoming less squeezed and distorted. Most excitingly, my sound is becoming a lot less "bottled" and my top notes are beginning to flourish! " Matthew Nicholls (Tenor)

"Dominic has been my teacher on and off for the past 18 months. He is a very good technician and has the added bonus of still being able to demonstrate everything he teaches with his still world class vocal ability, though he only demonstrates if necessary so that his pupils don't try to imitate him. He is unflappable and has a lovely studio in East London which is quiet and very welcoming. Dominic has helped me work on some tension in my tongue particularly on my "i" (eeee) vowel and after three lessons I begun to see some real improvement which was tremendously heartening. I recommend him without reservation to any singer at whatever stage of their careers." Greg Tassell (Tenor - Professional Opera Performer and Voice Teacher)

"Dominic is an excellent teacher and vocal coach. He is able to convey technical points in a clear, simple and direct manner which singers find easy to understand. The results of this are audible improvement in a very short time. Technical work is always at the service of the music with the emphasis on creating beauty of sound, clear text and good musical expression." Sarah Wilkinson (Pianist/Repetiteur Eclectic Voices)

"And you sang like a god! We love making music with you - you bring not only a quality sound but such a sophisticated variety of colour, dynamics and emotion. Long may our collaboration continue!" Jeremy Silver (Conductor, Head of Opera Course at Cape Town Conservatoire of Music in South Africa)

"The Vocal Workout book is wonderful. I think one of my favourites is "The Siren"....genius! It really opens up the top for the girls who have a bit of a thing about the approach. The text is perfect for that and the perceived "silliness" of them helps them to relax and flow rather than over trying! I have a new student, she has been trained as a mezzo - WRONG!!! - so using your exercises we went up to a top Eb in her second lesson - I think she's in shock. No more Cherubino for her!!! Thanks so much, Christine Douglas"