Dominic's latest solo CD

1. Nessun Dorma
2. Donna non vidi mai
3. Recondita armonia
4. E lucevan le stelle
5. Dovunque al mondo … Amore o grillo
6. Che gelida manina
7. La donna è mobile
8. O Figli miei… Ah la paterna mano
9. Alto è il periglio… Ah si ben mio … Di quella pira
10. Salut demeure chaste et pure


11. Tu scendi dalle stelle
12. Mille cherubini in coro
13. Gesu Bambino
14. Ave Maria
15. Gratias agimus tibi
16. Ingemisco
17. O del mio amato ben
18. Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
19. O sole mio
20. La danza
21. Mattinata

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Dominic has also recorded for Opera Rara and Chandos, singing many supporting roles in a substantial catalogue of recordings available for purchase or download as follows:

Bianca e Falliero (Rossini) [ORC20]


Otello (Rossini) [ORC18]

Carlo di Borgogna (Pacini) [ORC21]


Zoraida di Granata (Donizetti) [ORC17]

The Young Donizetti [ORR229]


Donizetti Scenes & Overtures [ORR 207]

Bruce Ford
Serious Rossini


Il Salotto vol. 6
La Partenza [ORR227]

Nelly Miricioiu
Bel Canto Portrait


Nelly Miricioiu
A Rossini Gala

The Opera Rara Collection Volume 2


Alastair Miles
Great Operatic Arias

Dominic has performed many contemporary works, sadly most world "premieres" have ended up also being world "dernieres". Some however, have been recorded and are commercially available.

Music from Six Continents
1992 Series [VMM 3013]
Fragrant Harbour (Tanner)


All Quiet on the Western Front
Nancy Van de Vate [VMM 4004]

In the Shadow of the Glen
Nancy Van de Vate [VMM 4003]


The Golem
Larry Sitsky

ABC Classics Cat. No.: 472 311-2
Libretto by Gwen Harwood
This is a Limited Edition release of 500 copies.


"The Vocal Workout" third edition (paper edition)

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