• Alfredo Kraus Singing Competition 1992 First Prize Alfredo Kraus Singing Competition 1992 First Prize
  • Alfredo Kraus Singing Competition 1992 Alfredo Kraus Singing Competition 1992
  • Alfredo Kraus Singing Competition 1992 First Prize Alfredo Kraus Singing Competition 1992 First Prize
  • 1992 Masterclasses with Maestro Kraus 1992 Masterclasses with Maestro Kraus

Dominic took the advice of Maestri Cillario and Bonynge and consulted Carlo Bergonzi, Gino Bechi and Carol Blaickner- Mayo about whether he was a tenor.

All were unanimous - YES!

1992 was earmarked as the Transition Year! Dominic spent 1991 gathering opinions and mustering resources to fund twelve months of intensive study consisting of three sessions a week in Vienna with Carol Blaickner-Mayo. Richard Bonynge awarded Dominic a second Dame Joan Sutherland Scholarship, he received an Arts Fellowship from the Queensland Government, and was awarded several smaller bursaries from other sources.

It was to be an incredible year of discovery and success, crowned by winning first prize in the Alfredo Kraus International Singing Competition, awarded by a jury of masters which included Alfredo Kraus, Walter Berry, Sesto Bruscantini and Gerhard Kahry, this lead to masterclasses with the great Alfredo Kraus.

1992 Alfredo Kraus International Singing Competition,
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
“Maestro Kraus' technical prowess is highly acclaimed, here he was so generous as to pass on some of his finely tuned technique to the eager participants. An inspiring, sophisticated and extremely charismatic man. Thank you Maestro Kraus.” D. N.

Press comments:

“The Australian tenor DN first prize winner has a unique colour to his voice, communicative and expressive throughout all tessituras, the stylistic perfection and his magnificent schooling were his decisive weapons in the eyes of the jury”

“The Australian tenor DN, seems to me very musical and he sings with his whole body”.

A personal note to Two Very Special People and Teachers

“This year of intensive study was centred around Vienna and Carol Blaickner-Mayo, three sessions a week for nearly 10 months was an amazing way to re-define my voice and develop my technique further along the foundations set in place with our work from 1983 to 1986. I studied with Carol for 5 years in total and can only say that she made the transition possible. The fact that she managed to remain so sane despite my frustrations and "weird" sounds attests to her incredible strength and tenacity. Apart from being my vocal mentor she also became a wonderful friend, her generous spirit and profound humanity make her one of this planet’s truly special people.

1992 yielded a bumper crop of very special people in my life! It was the first time I went to London where I met and worked with David Harper, distinguished vocal coach to many highly renowned opera stars and accompanist to many of them in recital and on record. His knowledge of the workings of the voice is remarkable, matched by his musicality and skills as a coach-accompanist. We worked together for the next 8 years, and have remained closest friends since.”
Dominic Natoli

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